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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baptism by Botulism

Who could guess that making your famous tuna salad jello mold for a potluck could be deadly? Members of the Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church attended a picnic and came down with Botulism.
One person has died and at least 20 others are ill-5 of whom are in critical condition. I don't mean to be insensitive, but this wouldn't have happened if they had had enough faith.
Just like many Christians spoke out about Hurricane Katrina; they believed New Orleans was a hotbed of sin and the catastrophe was a demonstration of God's wrath. Couldn't they have turned it into a Botox party? All I can say is that this wouldn't be the first time organized religion had poisonous results. And who can forget Boy George and the Church of the Poison Mind?
I'm sure that if given a chance, the Free Willyan Church members would try to convert Boy George from whatever he is, into something they want him to be. And what I want to know, is if they can convert Gay people to straight, can they convert straight people to gay? With God, all things are possible.

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