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Saturday, May 23, 2015

ASK RAYMOND!! Advice column--Taking your questions now!

Maybe once or twice in a lifetime, you come across someone so wise and helpful, that you remember their pearls of wisdom forever. You might find yourself repeating it to others who might also benefit from the insight.

Well, we have such a person; his name is Raymond. He is a bit eccentric, doesn't have the best hygiene, is a bit hard to understand, can be lazy (gets so lazy he doesn't always finish his words),and is fanatical about his hair. But he is also wise as a sage and helpful as Dr. Phil if Dr. Phil was actually good.

 We have opened the forum to questions and have carefully and thoughtfully done our best to transcribe Raymond's advice. To call it 'advice' is not really accurate--it is more like 'sparkling life gems'.

This question is from a reader in Omaha, Nebraska. She inquires about peer pressure from the wise oracle, Raymond.

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