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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The World According to a Nice-ish Guy (PART ONE)

Why do women (or those in relationships with men) spend hours trying to pry things out of men, when they are sure they already know what they are thinking? They like to TELL them what they are thinking, but if they don't KNOW, then I don't think the men should tell them. They SHOULD, however, tell ME because I asked nicely.

I spent a lot of time and money in my quest to find some self-identified "nice guys". I asked them to complete my in-depth questionnaire, and this (TWO PART) Article is the result.

I can not confirm the validity of their nice guy status except to post their thoughtful answers to my thoughtless questionnaire in a pure and uncensored fashion.

 I realized, however, that my survey was flawed.  Many men were not entirely comfortable with the 'nice guy' label (heretofore NG), so I am expanding it to be on a " Nice to Asshole" (their word not mine)Continuum.

 **Digression sparked by this need for the creation of continuums:
As the world shifts, people are becoming less tolerant of limiting labels.  95% of life exists in the grey area, yet society keeps insisting on duality; black/white, straight/gay, married/single, etc.  I say NO more 'check the box'-- we need gauges or graphs like this:

or this:

Homosexuality is STILL punishable by death in the majority of Muslim countries! As a result, many on the gender spectrum are opting for reassignment surgery so they can live without fear of being put to death.

Historically, other cultures have always recognized more than two genders.The people of Samoa have a third gender of people they call Fa'afafine. These are males raised as female. The Navajo believe in four different genders:

So, back to the subject: this is a copy of the questions I asked the nice-ish guys.
  1. Do you believe nice guys finish last?
  2. Do you think most men are pigs?
  3. Do you resent or think most women like to date jerks?
  4. Do you feel nice guys are taken advantage of?
  5. Do you think it is better to be nice, or would you rather be a dick?
  6. Would other people agree that you are a nice guy?
  7. Would you rather be respected or liked?
  8. Are you drawn to bitches and un-nice women?
  9. Do you equate or think people take niceness for weakness?
  10. Any other thoughts you would like to share (but please keep it brief) 

    Their shocking and candid answers are in PART TWO of this TWO PART series!

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