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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Time Lapse on Aslipsee Train

 Commuters on the  Aslipsee Metro RegLine SB, reported leaving the station at 8am and arriving downtown the previous day.

 Police feared rioting when the commuters realized it was in fact SUNDAY and they were not scheduled to work.  

Tension was eased when a 4 star Pop-up Restaurant arrived and served food cooked hot off the rails. 

 Officials are looking into the possibility that solar flare ponies  may have punctured the space-time continuum at Rothjab.

While the incident is under investigation, officials DID issue this statement: "The train conductor is highly qualified, but he transferred to us from the MEI (Mars/Earth Interface) U-Portal System. He is used to driving conditions in Mars where it is dry, hot, and sunny all the time.  He failed to make proper adjustments to account for the rain and electrical storm.

 A combination of increased voltage, highly-ionized air, and miscalculation, made the train veer left into the wall of light.

Is it a coincidence that  The Bajak Time Travel Flux Capacitor operates on 44 Volts, and the time bending train was reported as operating on 4,444 Volts? The conspiracy theorists don't think so.

 After a comprehensive safety check, investigators  located  pockets of high radioactivity in the quiet cars. They do not believe it was in anyway related to the time lapse incident. It is a well documented fact that quiet car passengers tend to be  'electric' humans. They are introverts who generate large amounts of energy due to internalizing stress and sexual tension.  

Commuters are  being put up in the luxurious Drake Hotel, even though it does not exist in tomorrow.

Trains will resume their normal schedule once time catches up.


  1. Anybody wonder if there is a reason that these TT blog posts are always posted at some gawdawful time in the early morning? Does DK spend all night doing these things? Do any of us really know what DK does at night?

  2. LOLz Dan---what do you consider early? I'm an early bird for sure but I do not spend all night writing these. I know it appears I spent hours, but given time travel it only takes me 2 minutes sometimes negative minutes

    and NO no one knows what I do at night except my witches' familiar, Velvet. But she aint talkin. I need to interview you lmk if you have any ideas


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