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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hate Breeds Hate, Flags Breed Flaggots

The removal of the Conferate flag on South Carolinas' Capitol grounds was momentous and had more viewers than the finale of The Voice.   State legislature passed a bill ordering it to be taken down, since some see it as a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

Taking the flag down willingly as a sign of respect for the recent shooting victims and their families would have been the right thing to do. 

By legally banning it, a precedent has been set, and demands for censorship of ANY materials deemed offensive by ANY population, are now being addressed. 

SCTFFASP (South Carolina Teens for Free Speech and Peace) even held a contest to redesign the offending flag, in an effort to preserve its' true history.  

 Rosalie had this to say, "The flag has come to be a symbol of hate, but it is just a pattern. Don't hate the pattern, hate the people behind the pattern."

 Rosalie Churchman's winning design will never be seen now except exlusively here at the TT:

She went on to say, "We believe in peace, but we also believe in freedom of speech.  Anyone who believes  people have the right to fly whatever flag the choose, or display any symbol of their choice on their license plates, or elsewhere, are becoming targets of hate. We have been called flaggots, KidKK,  confederazi, and worse--bad artists !"

Legislators in all U.S. states are now being flooded with petitions demanding the removal of things deemed offensive i.e. the sacred Hindu symbol, the swastika, bathroom signs showing women in dresses instead of pants, any religious symbol worn in public, books by and/or any reference to Darwin, the Cosby Show, Subway commercials, FOX NEWS, the color yellow "marigold", Saltines, cactus, the name "Sam", Fifty Shades of Grey (Paperback edition only), Black Panthers in zoo settings, etc.

Working overtime to accommodate these demands, government workers are wearing out their computer "Delete" buttons.

When asked by a journalism student from Spartanburg Community College, "Isn't caving to these demands set in motion by the removal of the confederate flag a bit (or a lot) like negotiating with terrorists?"

The government worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "No."

Peabody Allan pressed, "C'mon. You have to say more than that. I need a good grade on this paper. How can you say NO, I mean, where will it end?"

The government worker representing law officials said, "I don't know. Just Cuz," then fled. 

Peabody got an "A" on his piece, but it is no clearer what the fate of America will be once they start erasing things. 

 American will no longer be a safe place for people, places, or things on "the list", but thank God (oops, that's on the list)....thank fully that nasty, redneck, ignorant conferdate flag is down!!!!! This is a new beginning since racism is now a thing of the past!!!

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