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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Researchers Studying Eye Abnormalities

Researchers have identified unusual mutations in the eyes of people who look through rose colored glasses.


 Not only do their eyes dialate more when looking at beautiful things like flowers, but a slight color variation can be measured.

Subjects with the rose filter, had a slight transluscent glow around the edges of their cornea. This appears to be a mutation among a small percentage of the population.

 It has a disturbing effect on iris scanners, which are already used widely in the Rusondti Region.

 "Rosies" were able to DISABLE the machines by frying the circuits. Researchers can only guess that this was due to the rose rays reacting to the ultralloy in the scanners.

 The technical term for "Rosies" is HyperacuteBiologenisis, named after the scientist who first discovered it, Dr. Hypera of Tiudskil, Poland.

 There were similar findings in a group of test subjects chosen because they self-identified (and it was confirmed by family and friends) people with 'stars in their eyes'.

 It turns out that the 'stars' are actually lenses. It does not appear that they are implanted as they all report having certain abilities all of their lives.

The lenses work almost like cameras that give them photographic memories, image storage capability, and night vision.

The eyes of the "starries" are not unlike the reflector feature of cats' eyes.

 The starries have no problem looking directly at the sun and eclipses. Under a microscope, their eyes can be seen changing from red to blue. Their intense gaze caused seizures in epileptics, but no other dangers were reported.


 The technical name for Starries is Astrolumenoptica. Scientists want to ensure the public that there is NO connection between these conditions and the recent outbreak of reptilian eye believed to be an airborne illness contracted in swampy areas.


If you think you might have either condition, please contact


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