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Sunday, March 6, 2016

FOR SALE!! We are in the process of updating this post. The link now says, "There is Nothing Here". hmmmm

It has been taken down, no surprise, but someone was selling an alien implant on craigslist in Boston.

They might have moved it to the barter section hoping to barter for some psych meds, it could have been sold, or it could definately be a cover up.

People sell all sorts of things on CL, like woman who are successfully selling positive pregnancy tests for  around $25 each.

Whether you are trying to abduct your boyfriend by trapping him into marrying you or you were abducted by aliens and want to make some cash off the implants they gave you, buyer beware.

It is no secret that WallMart has been in the organ business for years now. Who could blame them for wanting some skin in the game?

But what is disturbing is that they are now selling knock off implants. You will NOT, however, find these in aisle 9. These can only be accessed online with the coupon code:  FAKEPLANT

So how do you tell a Real vs Fake implant? 

This is a real implant like the one the entrepreneur was selling on Craigslist. You can tell if an implant is real because it will have a stamp on it that says, "x-". No one knows exactly what that means, but the glass-like enclosure housing the actual implant is made of a an unknown substance that is flexible, yet shatterproof. 

Wallmart is selling these counterfeit implants by passing them off as kids toys. It may look the same as Mighty Beanz, but the special "Star Wars" clone pack edition contains fakeplants. 

It may seem harmless and this wouldn't be the first time Wallmart duped the public, but these contain small traces of an unidentified substance. People have complained that small amounts of goo leaks out of the package when it arrives. No one has been able to test it because  it evaporates when it touches human skin.

Regardless of whether you decide to purchase real or fake implants, I hope you use them wisely and play, trade, and collect them all!

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