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Thursday, May 26, 2016


A band of 'watchers' have been seen peering into the center of peoples' heads. They attempt to hack your crown chakra by persuading you to eat junk food, copious amount of sugar and caffeine. 

Just say No
This thins the outer layer of your aura and creates a small access point the size of a human hair.

If you find yourself thinking thoughts and saying words that are not your own like "Basta!" "Cantankerous" "Open the Winder".

The only way to keep these artificial intelligence from hacking the center of your head and stirring it up like a cotton candy machine is to avoid junk food, sugar, caffeine, and annoying words.

Other elixirs are shampoos containing tar, sandalwood, tea tree oil, blackberry, and wearing ugly hats.

If you feel like your head is spinning like a gravitron then you have probably been violated by the COHH! (center of head hackers)

Awareness if the first step and don't fall for one of their many ploys like "but I'll keep you company and make you smarter and more interesting". 

Better to be boring and own the center of your head. Don't sing "Eye of the Tiger" for days on end in your head!

Awareness is the best tool. Politely asking them to leave will NOT work! Watchers do NOT take hints!

They look like this-humanoid yet shadowy. They have the distinct smell of bacon and chocolate cake.


They are worse than Japanese Beetles!!
(You've been warned. An educated populous is a safer populous)

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