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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Get Down and Dirty when you are Dating!!

Why waste time on other dating sites that match you based on compatibility? Why not cut to the chase with  


A very simple survey will allow you to state your absolute bottom line. We ask the question:

"If you were oh so famous and/or were running for political office, what dirt would come out about you?"

You might think, "Well, I really don't know."

No worries! When you subscribe to 

Oh So Famous Shame Us Date

 we will give you the celebrity treatment and uncover it all--with a scandalous spin!!

Our team of investigators will go back as far as grade school and find ANYTHING they could potentially sell to the tabloids (and they still might if it is really juicy).

Our simple survey allows members to rate their tolerance for various transgressions and are matched accordingly!

Here is a brief sample of our questionnaire:

     Please rate the following randomly extracted details of member profiles, on a scale of 1 - 5--
1 being  
"I might be desperate, but this shit is deal breaker" 

and 5 being 
"I have run out of options, this isn't that bad"

Stalked someone
Pushed a kid into the Tiger exhibit
Dealt drugs and didn't share profits
Believes in aliens
Made a sex tape with their dog
Ate monkey brains
Frequently craps their pants
have a child with no idea who the father is 
many women  claim their child is yours
dead beat Dad or Mom
Conspiracy Theorist (like pack for the bunker)
extreme couponer
severe untreated mental illness 
Laughed at people with disabilities
(in private OR public)
Mom comes first
ran with scissors, knives, guns
warrant out for their arrest
Lied on a resume
covered up a crime
left someone on scene
Gold digger
member of the KKK
Facial tattoos
Gained 100lbs in the past year

Bottom of the barrel and half way up members joining daily! No half full barrels here!


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