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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Is your Kid the next child star?? Make extra cash for college!!

We can spot talent a uterus away!!!!  

Jumpstart Your Baby's Career! Tired of hearing your friend's brag about their kid's modeling and/or acting career?

Have you tried every career known to man and failed?

Maybe Stage Mom is the only job for you! Think of the confidence and self-importance it will give you to say "My baby started modeling before she was even born!"

With the advent of 3D Ultrasound Imaging, there is now a company that will put them together in a modeling comp. Think of it as your baby's first modeling shoot!

Fetus Modeling is a great way for your child to pay for college, a second home, or just a bigger tv.

We can spot talent before limbs are even formed!

Schedule a look see ultrasound today (Small fee for photos)!!
(full photo shoot session available.}

 For more info and to submit your fetus for consideration call or

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