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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Charges Brought Against Tabby Pack!!

The problem of cyber-bullying is nothing new. Legislation is starting to be put in place to criminalize this damaging, often deadly, form of harassment.

But the social media FOR cats, BY cats, SNAPCAT, hasn't had need for any laws until now.

Bad behavior is not limited to the mean girls, bullies, fuckwads, assholes, or dickheads--now some cats are following their fuckwad, asshole, dickhead owners example.

A group of tabbies (2 gray and 1 orange) with troubled pasts have been making threats to several solid and tortoise shell cats.

The delinquent male felines, Butch, Harry, and Mr. Boots Malone had suffered homelessness and spent years in and out of foster care, which could explain their behavior.

Hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, the furry tyrants go by the screen names "DeathPaw" "CatCannibal" and "SliceMcDice".

Mr. Boots Malone aka "Death Paw" is the ringleader of the cat bullies the other two cats claim
They sent rude emails to several white Persian and black cats (names omitted to protect their privacy) after the bullied cats refused their demand to take their selfies down. Jealousy appears to be a motive although law enforcement is not drawing any conclusions at this time.

"I'm gonna make you a hairless cat you dumb flat face. :)"
"Today is your unlucky day Blackie. :)"
"I've coughed up hairballs that were better looking than you. :)"
"My paw. Your face. Nuff said. :)"

 It caused the white and black cats so much distress that they hid under their beds for days, had whisker tremors, and were unable to eat.

Authorities have said, "There is nothing we can do because technically they didn't do anything illegal. Cats have the same rights to free speech as their owners, and they ended each sentence with an Emoji."

The cat thugs say they were just kitting and it was just a big misunderstanding.

Snapcat has disrespectfully declined to comment.

Owners are urged to regularly check their cat's online activity.

If you suspect your cat is being bullied,  document all communication and report it to the police if 1. they are in fear for their life and 2. no smiley face emoji is placed at the end of the threatening sentences.  :(

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