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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Great New Diet Fad-Eat Like a Poor Person!!

What's hot in Hollywood? Pretending to be poor! The The Huffington Post­ explains that Celebrity Chef Mario Batali, has posed a challenge to many celebrities inspired by his work with the NYC Food Bank (#FoodbankNYCChallenge). Although it involves something edible, it is not the ice bucket challenge.
The lovely and willowy Gweneth Paltrow has decided to take him up on his challenge to live like a Food Stamp Star. To raise awareness to the issue of hunger, she will live for 7 days on $1.38 per meal. She posted a photo of what she purchased with her food stamp allotment. I wonder if she had to trade in her pride for a spot in line at the crusty food stamp office. And will she be wearing Goodwill clothes during this week?
She purchased a typical Whole Foods' shopper assortment of: limes, cilantro, corn, whole grain brown rice and eggs. While this is a noble idea, this sounds like more of a reality show challenge than a philanthropic effort. Unequal distribution of wealth in the richest country on earth is the reason hunger and poverty exist. Sports stars and celebrities' exorbitant income are part of the problem; our country has misplaced priorities.
Wouldn't Gwenyth be better off donating her money to the cause, rather than turning it into a cute publicity stunt? It makes a mockery of what is a very harsh reality for many people. If she were truly living this lifestyle, she would be buying cheap and filling food such as: pork & beans, peanut butter, and Ramen Noodles, which barely even qualify as a food substance. Certainly organic is out of the question.
No doubt on day 8, Gwenyth will be sipping expensive wine, eating foie gras and truffles, proud of herself for getting in touch with the little people. The 'poor people' are always the 'other'. No one ever thinks it could be them, yet everyone is potentially one paycheck away from the 'poorhouse'. Tragedy and unforeseen circumstances do not discriminate.
Next time you see one of 'those' people, just ask yourself, “What would Gwenyth do?” Go and get them some whole wheat brown rice and organic produce. Better yet-get them a big can of cracked wheat and let them grind it into flour to make their own bread. Sounds realistic, right? That would really stretch that $29 per person budget. And if they want to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, I believe ice IS covered by food stamps.
FOLLOW UP: In a NOT so surprising development, Gwenyth has FAILED the food stamp challenge. She made it about 4 days on what worked out to be 1,000 calories a day. She wrote this on her blog, GOOP,"I personally broke and had some chicken and fresh vegetables (and in full transparency, half a bag of black licorice)." She was also spotted at an $80 a plate barbeque restaurant. Do you think she had some week-old bread and gubbment cheese with that? More like $40 a pound Gorau Glas cheese-well beyond a food stamp budget.

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