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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Deemed the most racist video ever....are tortilla records offensive?


Someone deemed this the most racist video ever.  I think some might  consider it racist, but then there are people  of all races who are quick to deem just about anything  racist. I once had an Asian friend who asked me where I wanted to go to dinner.  I said, "How about sushi?" and he responded, "Why? Because I'm Japanese?"
 cartoon by Diane Keys and illustration by Jean Oliveira  originally published here:

We have become so paranoid about even mentioning the WORDS "black," "white," etc., for fear of being labelled racist,  that open communication is not even possible. None of these colors exist as it relates to skin color, as NO ONE is actually white , yellow, red, black: we are all shades of brown.

 Cartoon by Diane Keys and illustration by Jean Oliveira original article published at

We need to be able to laugh at ourselves as a society to begin to break down the stereotypes; that's what Key & Peele, Dave Chappelle, Carlos Mencia, Sarah Silverman, etc. do.

Bringing up volatile topics in a humorous way makes it less threatening. Comedians and artists  historically push the bounds of 'political correctness'. Students of life, they create change by sharing their observations. They bring things to light, point out the absurdity of human behavior in many cases, and let us begin to deal with it!

Sorry, but this video  is very funny and I think the INTENTION is what makes things hurtful or not. This doesn't appear to be done in a mean spirited way.

 Obviously, there are some words that shouldn't be used as they can only be intended to diminish people. Not just in terms of race, but gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc. But let's break through the double standards, ignorance, intolerance, but mostly the hyper-sensitivity that makes everyone walk on egg shells! 

*Full disclosure:  I am a light tannish/beige person and some of my best friends are black cats, black dogs, and television characters (all somewhere on the brown spectrum)

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