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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WARNING: Adult Content Turn Back Now Before it is Too Late -- This is the story of ...

"My feminist-ish project gone horribly wrong"

Or right maybe. I'll just say that it didn’t turn out at ALL how I expected. 

 I love craigslist, but you shouldn’t  go on there if you are feeling down about people.

I go on there every now and then to browse the part-time jobs: gigs, events, writing jobs, and Goddess forbid, “creative" listings.  

Creative to me means artistic, but creative on craigslist means “How can I say prostitution without saying prostitution?”

Most posts sound like the beginning of a B horror film,  with men looking for topless house cleaners, hairy women for fetish events, women who don’t mind having their toes licked, and any number of variations of “come to my house and get raped”.

I don’t know what is more disturbing--the people that post these things or the women who answer them. 

I am reasonably sure there ARE plenty of women who are willing to do just about anything for money, even if it puts their lives at risk.  

 If you are rolling your eyes at that, statistics show that men make up only 20% of the sex worker population.The 80% of female sex workers have a harder time getting out of the industry even when they want out--and 80% of sex workers want OUT. (

So, I had the idea  to post an ad of my own. My thought was that if the roles were reversed, surely men wouldn't be willing to humiliate, exploit, or subjugate themselves to creepy strangers like women, would they?

This is the ad I posted:

I was convinced that my theory was correct and didn’t expect any responses.  

But that is not what happened!

I was shocked when I was flooded with responses from men selling me on their charms, talents, skills, etc. 
I have decided to post the communication here. 

Here are some of the unedited responses :
(names have been omitted)

“hey im intrested”

“How can I get this cleaning job”

“Hey there, my names XXXX. I'm a high school graduate, Hispanic, 19 years old, in lean shape, it might sound weird but I think I'm funny? (he actually WAS funny...he told me a good joke)
I can definitely hold a conversation. Some extra cash never hurt anybody. I'm sure the cleaning and little jobs would be easy. Not much else to say. Do the job, entertain, do it right, get payed and get the hell out of there. I’m comfortable in a g-string or completely nude if need be. Whatever to get the job done"

“Name is XXX I need to work. Will do whatever to keep busy. I'm a hardworker to get the job done the right way. I'm just an average man. Simple n respectful. It doesn't hurt anyone to try me out. I have transportation n will b on time.”

“Hello! I'm a very open-minded male that would like to speak to you about working for your company. I'm 28, 5'7", 150-160 pounds, slim to average physique, natural red head. My primary job is a part time employee at a music store. I love it, but I do have extra time I'd like to take better advantage of. Right now I'm pretty available during the evenings and on weekends. I will be able to wear whatever outfits, accessories or undergarments your clients wish to see me in. I have very light body hair but I'm okay with removing it. I have reliable transportation....Just want to add I'm very interested in working for you and doing adult related work. I'm at a point where I'm ready to dive into new and different avenues for work and your company seems like a great starting point. When a person embraces something different it always seems to be a likely circumstance for being successful. “

“Pictures attached were taken today. If there's anything else I can send please let me know. “

“I like to try 40 latino”

“Hello my name is XXX I am a 35yo str8 but extremely open minded and of course always looking to make more money.  I have reliable transportation and truely enjoy entertaining!  I'm 6ft 200lbs and very well endowed!  Here is a couple pics of me.  Please let me know what the next step is?  I'm ready when you are, thanks! I look forward to entertaining your clientele!!”

“My name is XXX. I'm a very young 56, 6'4" 235, athletic non smoker. I cook, clean, sew. Laundry, I have been in the hospitality industry for many years. I'm very intrigued. Here's my picture. My phone# is XXXX. I can talk to any woman. Thanks for reading. I really hope to hear from you.”

“Please tell me more about this position. I am 28, straight, attractive and fit with long hair and a mustache. I am a classical and pop/rock singer and guitarist. Let's talk. Thanks.”

“Would I be naked and are they male or female clients?”
“Besides completing the tasks assigned to me, I should be hired because; I own a art
studio, as well as a 7 week year old golden doodle. I write
music and have an extensive modeling portfolio. I'm
looking forward to someday volunteering abroad and today I
love star wars, Harry Potter, lord of the rings. :)I am comfortable with being in a g-string. Please let me know how I may become involved”

“Hi. I'm XXX. I'm 25 years old, 5'9 174 lbs in shape. I'm a personal trainer interested in the job.
Located in XXX
Available asap, thank you!”

“I am 29. I have been working as a cook with my culinary degree. I love dogs, also cats and fish too, all of which need tending to. I am comfortable enough with myself to work almost naked for almost anyone, except my mother. I feel I would be a good fit because I manage time, work efficiently, have skills in the kitchen and can execute carpentry needs. I also can hold an intelligent conversation with people and do so in a friendly and polite manor. “

“I'm in between jobs at the moment and would like to earn some cash on the side. I'm available right away! “

“A little about me.. I'm 30 attractive white male, standing at 6'2" with an athletic slim body weighing 175 lbs. I'm a pretty handy guy that can assist with just about every function of cleaning a home from vacuuming, dishes, bathrooms, laundry, cooking, running errands, painting, patching, etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. “

“Hello my name is XXX I am 24 years old! College online! I recently saw your post and I am very interested in filling a void position! I am 5'8 165lbs built!! Great with my hands and hardworking! I have cleaning and handyman experience! I can be reached at XXX I hope to hear from you soon!”

I'm XXX.
I have a seasonal window cleaning business. So I have great customer service skills.
I'm intrigued by this gig.

“Hello, my name is XXX .. I'm 28 live in the suburbs of XXX and think I would be a great fit. I've worked for my family construction company since I was 14. I got into the entertainment industry 5 years ago. Since then I've done acting modeling, was in a all male revue for 6 months so being eye candy and taking my clothes off for women isn't anything out the ordinary for me.  I'm currently a DJ/MC up and coming actor and model. I'm out going and am very personable, and let's face it pretty easy on the eyes. I would love the opportunity thanks, XXX”

“I believe i should be chosen because i want to have success at everything i do. I feel i would be a perfect candidate because i am a friendly person. Open minded who's funny an have a real good personality. I Am a person who will go the extra mile. Have fun while making money is the ultimate goal.  I can send pictures as well. Thanks for your time. “

“I don't own a g-string. Would I need to go buy one?”

I HAD ALSO posted an ad offering the service to women, and ironically I DID manage to find them a job. 

One woman, who was very cool btw, saw my ad for my handyman service and needed legit help hanging pictures, spackling walls, and moving heavy furniture.  She was clearly more interested, as I think most women would be, in the handyman aspect of the service than the “creative” services about which she had this to say--

“ If they are offering to do this in your underwear, counterintuitively, I trust it's fine. He doesn't have to be in a g-string the whole time, maybe just at the beginning."

So I emailed the guys that I had spoken to that actually HAD handyman skills and guess what? No one wanted to do it. I don’t think it is because they had second thoughts, I think it was because it actually DID involve some actual work. 

 I found myself actually wanting to help these guys find jobs and then realized--
What am I doing? 
Hammer & Male isn’t real. 
I made it up. 
Why are these guys  willing to do this for only $40? 
Shouldn't these guys know better than to send these crazy pics to a total stranger?

I wrestled with whether or not I should post the pictures they sent me. I have to say that it was a ragtag group, but surprisingly most seemed like pretty nice, cool, normal guys.

So while my Hammer & Male (TM) project didn't turn out as expected, it was very enlightening.

I realized that these men didn’t perceive a job like this as something that would make them vulnerable, afraid, or feel demeaned. They all seemed eager to do it, some even OFFERING to work fully nude. It seemed to be coming from a position of empowerment; instead of feeling humiliated, they were thriving on the attention and ego boost.

Draw your own conclusions and ask yourself:

*would you trade in your morals for $40?
*would you want to work with power tools in the nude?
*do you think Hammer & Male should have provided the g-strings aka company uniforms?

* would you have been willing to invest in a g-string to do this job?

*WHAT on earth does that lady mean when she said “ If they are offering to do this in their underwear, counterintuitively, I trust it's fine."

*DON'T you think counterintuitive is a great word?

  1. contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation (but often nevertheless true).

*WOULD YOU have posted their photos here? 

Ok, I'll post one of them, but only because this guy is my freakin hero. 

If I could find him work, I would. 

He said he works as a figure model for art classes and is very comfortable with his body. I was very surprised to get this picture:

I HAD to ask what event he was at in this picture. He said it was an art gallery show. I asked if everyone was invited to dress (or undress) this way. 

He said, "No, it was just me, which is often the case." 

And he isn't even wearing a G-string--it is more like an A-string!

Good for him! So few women would have the kind of confidence this guy does.

Good ole Merriam Webster has this simple definition of counterintuitive--different from what you would expect.  

So, I'd say this whole experience was counterintuitive. 

This whole group of men I met made me think of  "The Full Monty"--what an amazing film. 

 If they ever remake the movie (forget the musical), I have the entire cast for them!

People are willing to entertain all kinds of things when they need money, and I have concluded that there is no difference between the genders when it comes to trading morality for money, flesh for funds, or hammer and nails for Hammer & Male (TM). 


I received this in response to my ad from a WOMEN!!

"Hello I'm interested in info... my boyfriend 

is funny sexy 

goofy happy... he would be perfect"

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