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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Prison Visiting Hours 7-8pm Today

Do you know how many innocent roaches are put to death every single day? Project Roach Innocence has freed over 100 wrongfully convicted roaches since 2001! If just ONE innocent roach is put to death, that is too many! 
No insect is BORN bad. Crime is a societal problem. Criminals are not born, they are made by an inequitable society, lack of education, poverty, child abuse, criminalization of drug addicts, lack of treatment for the mentally ill etc. 

Fight for prison reform! Inmate abuse is a sad reality of daily roach prison life. Many roaches are denied water, fed poison, and stomped to death under the heels of jack boots!
Roaches used as mules were put in solitary confinement for weeks on end. Their only crime was being smart and trainable.

 Please write letters on their behalf to your local senator and please sign our petition!

SET THE ROACHES FREE!! The prisoners can rot, but the ROACHES are innocent!!

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