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Thursday, May 21, 2015


A very odd cult called DKULT, has 'requested' that I continue posting their newsletters or face expulsion from their Free-Cookie Friday list.  I don't know exactly what these DKrazies are about, but they claim they are a cult devoted to the worship of trash.

No one even pays attention to them anymore. We are used to seeing them  scavenging through the dumpsters like overfed racoons, ranting on about something called TOXIS ( when they even so much as get a traffic ticket), riding around with their "I Stop For Trash Bumper Stickers", and protesting in the front of the courthouse with signs that say, "It's NOT polygamy! It's Marital Time Share!".

 Townies call them, Trashmonkeys,""DumpDKs" "DirtyDKs", it goes on and on.  I don't have anything against them personally. They don't really cause any problems, and  actually have REALLY good soup.

We also sometimes stream their cable channel DKULT TV live here on the TT. It's not even because we are forced to- they often have some really incredible news stories, life hacks, recipes, etc. And the KDJ Klown Show is superb children's programming if you ask me.

 I will warn you that trying to comprehend this newsletter will make your head explode. (And the Dkulters will probably pick it up and make art out of it.)

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