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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mankind threatened by a Plague right under their noses!!

Bigger than West Nile, more deadly than Ebola, more catastrophic than the Black Plague....mankind is under seige and at risk for total annihilation by a plague hiding in plain sight--REALITY!! 

There is only one antidote for this rapidly spreading mind acid, and yet it is only available to a small demographic.  

The one and only remedy was disclosed by #GaryLindberg in this twitter quote :

"The Only Cure For Reality is Imagination"

If you are a highly right-brained, any degree of psychotic, work as a circus clown or dabble in any other creative realms, you are safeguarded from this condition and will escape quarantine protocals.
Creative Minds are Naturally Immune

*certain gray areas DO exist and there is much debate whether these activities produce enough ImaGENEation to be effective. These include: Scrapbooking, Karaoke, line dancing, doodling, cooking using less than 4 ingredients, wine and painting nights, to name a few. 

**For send a SASE for a detailed list of questionable creative endeavors. If you do not know what a SASE, take cover and keep reading.

 But, if you are suffering from "Reality Issues", and artificial fantasy simulators have failed (drugs & alcohol), you are probably imagination deficient.  

The government is already secretly preparing to round up susceptible groups to inflict further reality upon them--THEIR reality!!!  

They will be taking people to a place called the BEYONDO.

The Beyondo will warehouse reality susceptible  human slaves

The BEYONDO* is completely devoid of color, humor,  creativity, design, or any emotions at all.  They will be using left-brained people as workers to generate clean energy by pushing a very large wheel 23 hours a day.  Just think of it as your life now, only without the suit or heels.

*The BEYONDO was discovered by a scientist that chooses to remain anonymous while on a caving expedition in Wisconsin

It's not too late to apologize to all those artsy weirdos you  judged and made fun of. They are your only salvation now!!!!Wake up and smell the crayons!!
your future is in your hands


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  1. :) alrighty then. May I suggest dropping multicolored, 2' square parachutes from 12 airplanes flying in a V formation at 1200 feet, over every major metropolitan city of the world?


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