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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ground Breaking Home improvement Superstore Opens!

This is a first! A store staffed COMPLETELY by homeless people!  It all began when Jeff O'Clairy, founder and CEO, was hailing a taxi on a crowded Manhattan street. A panhandler holding a sign caught his attention.

 The sign said, "Need money for drugs and alcohol." O'Clairy was so impressed with the honesty of that statement that he approached him and said he'd like to help him get on his feet.

After helping the drunk man to his feet, he paid for him to go to detox and said if he stayed sober for 30 days, he would find him a job.

Well, the man, Tim Olist, not only stayed sober, he  took a bath and burned his cardboard sign.

an excited Tim Olist, homeless, dirty, yet very alert

O'Clairy, a motivation speaker, took Tim under his wing.  He told Tim that he needed a vision for his life and showed him how to make a dream/ vision board.

 Tim eagerly clipped out magazine pictures that represented his goals.

Among those were to be ripped, have a job, a house, a bath, and a haircut. He also confided in O'Clairy that he had always dreamt of working in a home improvement store.

Tim said that even if he never had a home, he could at least be in a place where supplies for building and improving houses were sold.

Tim told O'Clairy his hope was to save enough to buy a modest shed.  He had tried living in a storage facility, but was kicked out after barbecuing squirrels indoors.

So the idea was born. O'Clairy was interviewed saying, "I thought, why not combine capitalism with social service? I decided a superstore staffed entirely with homeless people would a. help them get on their feet to walk to the liquor store and  b. allow for maximum profits through low wages.

Tim cleans up well and greets Hobo customers with his charming toothless smile!!

O'Clairy requires ALL applicants to PROVE they have NOT had a residence for at least 5 years, that they remain sober until the initial drug test,  have a good story of their descent into hard times, and allow their photo or likeness to be used for advertising purposes.

The other job perk is that there is (limited) employee housing. An attractive shed in front of the store is available to all employees on a first come first served basis.

Tim proudly recites the Hobo slogan, "You are ALWAYS welcome at Hobo Town! Where the only begging the homeless people will do, is beg to help you!"

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