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Friday, September 18, 2015

Are you a poltergeist baby? Take this Quiz and find out

If you've always felt different, had a lot of psychic experiences, particularly as a child, you might have been a poltergeist child.

 Take this quiz to find out for sure:
1. has green always been your favorite color?
2. Do you have a strong, almost obsessive, affinity for cats?
3. Have you always wondered if your parents were your real parents?
4. Do you have deja vu often?
5. have you watched the matrix several times?
6. Do you like tapioca and butterscotch pudding?
7. do you believe in aliens?
8. Do you feel 'watched'?
9. have orbs ever appeared in your photos/
10. Have you always thought you could move objects with your mind if you really tried?

if you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions, and can read and say this word that only PBs will see Kinninegan, you are probably a PB.

 What does this mean? It means you came to earth through mysterious portals other than traditional birth. Your body was born, but your soul entered it hours later by non-traditional and supernatural means. 

You are more elecrically charged than other people, so you may stop watches, stop lights, fling ojects, tweek electronics, spook people and animals, and shatter glass. You also have strong telekinetic powers.

You also have the ability to enter other people's bodies and affect what they do. 

 Use the force wisely and avoid watching horror movies as you could be sucked into the television portal and become trapped.

The only way to escape a t.v. is if someone who sees ghosts, knows and says this ritual prayer taken from the Odeliskos Veritois, which is written in Althuric--a combination of latin and Althurian:

Hal tki onthil thii 
calinoot κίνησις
wopeva sipirtsus 

This MUST be performed on a waning red moon.

PBabies are also genetic, so you might have a PG baby!   Give birth with caution and do NOT make them mad!!!

 What was the 'secret' word again?

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