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Monday, February 8, 2016

Love Pets? Looking for a Job?

If you are looking to make a career change and have no tangible skills to speak of (i.e. you have a liberal arts degree), have always wanted to work with animals, and are otherwise unemployable (we don't ask questions), then we have a position for you!

Guaranteed Hire as this is a high turnover job--not everyone is cut out for this kind of exciting work!

If you live long enough to get your paycheck, you will be paid $50 per day. Anti-venom is provided.

WANTED:  Snake Walker

Job Description:  Walk pet snakes daily. Duties include taking snakes on outings such as  parks, hiking, biking, gun range, rabbit farms, Cub Scouts, pools, and fundamentalist churches. 


Snakes are a favorite at McDonald's Playplace, and are known to eat unruly irritating kids under 6.

Many clients  ask that their snakes be taken to museums and other educational and cultural events. Accommodations are usually made if you call your local transit authority, just threaten discrimination. 

START you exciting career today with the TOP Snake Walking Service in the Country.

Call or visit us at

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