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Sunday, February 7, 2016

RARE photo of a CYBORG--Hurray Before its Taken Down!

If  you thought this was just in science fiction movies, well you would be wrong. Have you noticed all these electric 'car' charging stations popping up everywhere? If you were to analyze the science behind these you would see that charging cars is only a byproduct of a MUCH bigger conspiracy.

What better place to blend in than a suburban shopping mall? Cyborgs are studying human behavior while innocently appearing to check out the discount rack at H & M. 

There is really no way to tell a cyborg from any other consumer except you will NEVER see them with a phone of any kind.  

This is due to the fact that their brains are computers and they have no need for any additional external hardware. 

They always wear long sleeves, even at the beach, to hide their brick circuit scarabs.

They also have a preference for the colors navy and mint green, but will never wear them together. 

They like poly blends rather than 100% cotton and usually hang out in the 'internet sensations' section of bookstores.

Shopping Malls and underground parking garages are particularly powerful cyborg charging stations because they are built over magnetic fray xi lines that affect the siliopeliculous in the human brain, while strengthening cyborg hive signals.

Have you always thought cyborgs looked like this? With bad haircuts and finger pistols?

THIS photo is more accurate. 

They have ports embedded into their synthetic skin that are activated  the moment they are booted up. Their circuit scarabs flash until the cyborg receives its' orders and won't flash again until it needs charging. 

*****THIS picture will probably be taken down as it was not supposed to be seen.********

 I was wearing my Cyspot 3D  glasses that I bought on Amazon at the time and was shocked to see this in between a parked Prius and Honda Insight. 

If you are prepared to see this, please be advised that the Telepath Telegraph is not responsible for any emotional distress this may cause you. You might be skeptical, but that doesn't make this any less real. 






Rare Photo of a Female Cyborg at a Charging Station

Do you notice how casual it is? They are so confident that they can not be detected that they will eventually get careless. If you have seen a cyborg, please try to get a selfie with them and send to the Telepath Telegraphs' team of experts. We will post them here if we are able!

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