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Saturday, March 4, 2017

PRODUCT RECALL!! Pulled from shelves

More than 5 women are  suing the makers of a line of beauty products called Hairy Palms (tm). The company makes products like lotion, soap, face wash, and body scrubs. 

Hairy Palms' products were recalled after  an unfortunate side effect was discovered.

Up to a dozen women have claimed that using Hairy Palms caused them to grow up to 2" of hair a day.

Inventor and Owner, Harry Palms, refused to comment, except to say that his products were not to blame for their beards and uni-brows.

It is rumored that horticulturists are having success using it to grow a rare, exotic tree native to Florida--the Hairy Palm.  

If it IS re-marketed as a fertilizer, you can bet peanut farmers will be first in line.

Hairy Nuts Disco Fungi 
(Lanzia echinophila)

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