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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Captchas! Ranked #1 Stressor Among Computer Users

If you've ever tried to prove you are not a robot, you probably know how difficult it can be. Well, now you can add your very own to your site ( Captcha! your visitors' sanity.
The inability to make out the warped text boxes, has led many people to rush to their eye doctors for help. Others have acquired serious self doubt, paranoia, and a solid case of automatonophobia. Also known as the Frankenstein Complex, automatonophobia is the fear of mechanical men. To further complicate matters, conspiracy theorists and undisclosed sources inside my head, believe the highly sadistic robot detection system is actually RUN by robots. Draw your own conclusions, but next time you get Captcha!ed, you might want to ask yourself if you feel dirty afterwards. If yes, you are definately human and your mind has been violated. If no, then here are some warning signs that you might not be a 100% organic human; metallic taste in your mouth, monotone speech, lack of a sense of humor, highly literal (such as concluding brocoli and broccoli must be two separate things), and an inability to detect sarcasm and irony. Read more about the Frankestein Complex in this fascinating book: Shuntaro, OnoFrankenstein Complex:what can change someone into a monster(Seisoushobou, 2009) 小野俊太郎『フランケンシュタイン・コンプレックス』(青草書房 2009年)

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