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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Excellent Expose from our affiliates at Medium!

Although they will not openly admit to this affiliation, for reasons of natural insecurity, we feel it is important to support our robot friends. You can't make sweeping judgments about any group of people and robots are no different; some wear white metal hats, and others black metal hats. Some of my best friends are robots. Robots are helpful, logical, and mostly predictable. Sure they can be super boring, but unlike people, they have an off switch.
Apparently, discrimination against robots is America's rusty little secret. Can you tell which one is the REAL robot? The answer may surprise you.
In an excerpt (or epcert as some people say) from their groundbreaking article, "Rejected by Amazon Studios" at, they dared say this, "Everyone wants to talk about race at Starbucks, or women in tech, but no one wants to face the awful open selective discrimination against robots in the workplace."
You'll be glad you did, although I couldn't stop being distracted by an article at the bottom of the page, "Plastics, tiny penises and human evolution." These are three things you NEVER want to see together in one sentence.

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