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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is Your Life Out of Tune? Harmonize Your Thoughts!

"This software has changed my life!"
That's what people are saying about the new offering from the mega corporation, Brown Mega™--Introducing the Thought-o-Tune™! This easy to use device can make all of your thoughts look and sound perfect!  Can you imagine all those chaotic thoughts swirling around in perfect harmony? 

  Scientists at the Brown Mega Research Labs™ (a top secret branch of the mega corp.) have completed clinical trials of the device and are ready to release it to the public on a limited basis.

 Inventor, mail artist, and graduate of the esteemed Brown Mega Corporation Knowledge University™, Thomas Brown, has this to say about how this revolutionary product came about, "I have always been driven by my quest for self improvement and societal betterment."

 Dr. Brown showed me a picture on his corkboard that was his inspiration:

 The reclusive and admittedly eccentric Dr. Brown went on to say, "My target customers are typically artists seeking total artworld domination. It hasn't really taken off until now, I think, because users don't want to let the secret out of the bag. They don't want to create competition for themselves, but it's too late!! Meowwww!"

For a more mainstream accessible product among the art elite/outsider video game enthusiast, Mega Brown™ has also created Brown Megasoft™ Simulated Artist Software Game. I think the title need a bit of work to actually make sense, but who needs sense when you're making bank?

 They also make dream recreation software so you can watch your dreams over and over again. Dr. Brown was pretty tight lipped about that as it is not yet released, or named for that matter. He said they are considering "DreamJa Vu"™.

When I asked Dr. Brown what we can look for in the future he said, "My two big projects are Brainternet™ with Thinkyfee™, which will allow users to send messages directly from brain to brain and access the internet directly from their mind...and global compassion, which will allow all to understand the life situations of all. I don't think that one (the latter) will be ready any time soon, but I am working on it."

All of these projects are generously funded by the same mega corp, Brown Mega™. Dr. Brown denies having a problem with them taking 95% of the profits.

For more info or to order YOUR Thought-O-Tune, please contact MegaBrownCorp™@megabrowncorp™.com

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