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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Peace, Love, and Papacy

In an effort to reach out to all demographics, Pope Francis will be wearing his custom designed tie-dye papal robe for World Environment Day. 

This cheerful outfit was handmade by Weed World Dyesignž, for his new campaign, "The Love of God is a Psychedelic Experience!"

 He had this to say of his critics within the church, "I know there are many who feel I am condoning debauchery, free love, dirty hippies*, weedheads, anything that happens in Oregon, and patterns, but God doesn't reserve fun and color ONLY for the wicked."

*It is unclear what Pope Groovy meant by "dirty hippies". He obviously didn't mean the original acid washed anti-government, anti-war hippies of the 1960s. Maybe he was talking about the anti-plastic bag and gluten " modern hippies".

 Or he might have been talking about the mentally unstable " pseudo-hippie " who gets high on the natural sugar rush obtained from juicing, and might 'smell' dirty from using ineffectual, yet environmentally friendly, crystal deodorant.

Even Merriam-Webster is pretty vague about the term:

Merriam-Webster’s definition of hippie:
hippie [hip·pie] n. a weirdo

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