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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crystal Harmonic Convergence on Blue Moon

Please tune your crystals to Indigo 4 for the blue moon on July 31, 2015. We will be shifting from pink to blue, which could create some turbulence in the noosphere.

 If Indigo 4 is jammed, please tune to Cobalt 5 and filter through violet. Any discrepancy in color ray synchronization could cause catastrophic blue dust storms on Caliphax O.4.

 Cali dust storms during an earth blue moon are lethal to  life-sustaining plant life, as it brings out the dust bunnies who ravage the crops.

Retailers are cashing in on the mass hysteria by selling insensitive home decor and trinkets like this, although this is the most accurate visual depiction of the blue dust eating bunnies:

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