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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Move Over Edible Underwear!!!!

" Necessity created these Mothers' invention."
 "Cook it and they will come."
 These are clever slogans for a hot new product called, "Sauceings™."

 Much to the horror of militant vegans and vegetarians, a trend from WWII is making a comeback--edible (faux) stockings.

During WWII, nylon manufacturer DuPont, was producing nylon parachutes, cords and rope, instead of stockings. This led to scarcity and a thriving black market for the leg shaping fashion must. 1939 fashion dictated stockings  with seams down the back.

In a stroke of pure genius, women innovated and began drawing the seams on with various substances such as brown gravy.  It is no surprise that a nation of obese people find food fashion very appealing.

From a humanitarian perspective, could this potentially solve the dual-fold problem of world hunger and lack of trendy clothing in third world countries?

We've all heard of edible underwear such as this yummy gummy panty, but the edible food arena isn't just for dessert anymore.
Check out these savory ideas:


Sauceings™ come as a complete meal kit with meatloaf, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, wet naps, a paintbrush, a ruler, and an instruction booklet in Chinese with step-by-by step instructions on how to draw  faux seams.

 It's a DIY project you can wrap your tongue around! For more info, visit and use the code TELEPATH  for a 20% discount on your first order!

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