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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Environmentally Friendly Transportation Alternative!

You can be the first person on your block to own your very own Magic Carpet! Safe for the environment, run on thought power alone!

 Financing is available-good credit?bad credit?suspended driver's license?legally blind?legally insane?no insurance? --no one is turned away!

Magic Carpet Tours© are an interactive way for you to travel the world and learn the many uses for your flying carpet-or go off the grid and explore for yourself!

THREE different designs to choose from:

Comes in Automatic or Stick Shift

Get a Personalized License Plate for an additional charge

Lamp and Genie Not Included  


Chics may not like rugs, but they sure do love carpets!!!!
YOU literally riding into the sunset

If you buy now, you will receive one year of FREE steam cleaning service. 

These won't last long-they are imported from Monaco by Max Shellman, Agent to the Stars

Contact Shellgame, Shaman, & Keys today!!

Global Guided Magic Carpet Tours
Celebrity Home Fly overs, special requests
and more! 

Shellgame, Shaman, & Keys are proud to offer the following services:
Untalent Coaching and Representation by Max Shellman
 and Diane Keys-- Agent and Psychic to the Stars


  1. Posted at 5:55 AM. Is THAT where all this luscious insanity comes from? Get some sleep, Diane!

  2. i don't know why you guys think I don't sleep. I do my best work while sleeping


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