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Friday, October 30, 2015

Instant Cure for ALL Problems!!

In just a matter of seconds, you can be free from all your worries, negativity, self-imposed misery, fall-out from horrible life choices, bad karma created through ignorance, angst, or aggression, underflab, acne, unemotional eating, emotional reading, lack of or bad personality, shortcomings, clumsiness, bad luck etc.

This can all be done if you follow these easy steps.  If you are bad at directions, please include that in your exhaustive laundry list labeled:

Now I want you to VISUALEYES all of these problems as dirty laundry!
 Mentally see yourself throwing those wet, dirty, moldy, muddy, nasty clothes in a huge hoarder pile!!  Don't worry about having to mentally clean this all up afterwards, just keep piling it on.

Do you feel done?  Do NOT move on until you are sure that every problem, and a few you didn't know you had but have been told you have, is in that festering landfill of laundry.

Imagine stepping away from the muck- you -made -of -your -life -mountain.  

On the count of  three--you can open your eyes.  

(If your eyes were not closed while reading this, please go back to the beginning--it is imperative these instructions be followed closely)

You should feel lighter, brighter, problem free, all thanks to the makers of

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