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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beware House Guests this Christmas Season!!

What do they look like? 

They look like you and me, yet they harbor a deep dark secret. 

You won't know about it until they stay as a guest in your home.  

You might notice the shame in their eyes. You might notice they are rarely hungry, and look disappointed when presented with a delicious meal.  

This addiction is more common than any of us suspect, according to the Serta Quality Control facilities (1 in 100 sheep counters compulsively ingest)

BEWARE:  Someone you know might be a MATTRESS EATER!!!!

Education and cancelled invitations is the best defense!! Do it now before all your Kings turn into Twins!!

Raise Awareness!  Share this sound byte!!!  EAT IT!!

My life has personally been touched by this as I received this email from my XXXX  the other day.

"Dear , im truly sorry, but i got hungry. Dont be surprised when you come home and your matress is gone. Im truly sorry i ate you matress. I hope you understand.     

Much love,


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