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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Stumped for Christmas Gift Ideas?

Here are just a few of the best gift ideas for 2015.  But FIRST, lets start with the  gifts you should avoid.

Yes, it's the thought that counts, but sometimes it is the thoughtlessness that  is obvious when a generic gift is given.

TAKE IT BACK if you bought:

1. a coffee cup--I don't care how funny you think the slogan is, this is a lame gift
2. a candle
3. Rando bath and body products
4. Box O Chocolates
5. $10 Gift Card to a store that has nothing under $25--thanks for the present, but you now cost me!
6. Dress Socks
7. perfume samples from a magazine
8. golf tees
9. a photo calendar of you and your arrogant ugly family--seriously, cuter than kittens? I don't think so
10. Any shit from Starbucks

Gifting Don't!

So you are at the mall, hoping it isn't one targeted by terrorists, wondering--what the hell should I get that person that I don't give a damn about? Why am I risking my life for someone who talks about themself in third-person?Why?  Because we don't want to look like dicks.

So what DO you give?  Try some of these great suggestions! These are great for grab bags and Secret Santas too!

1.  Try some fur sunglasses! Self-explanatory--these are sway

 an option for those who want a more masculine fur style:

2. Limited Edition  CD by The Naughty List Bitches (also available in 8track and cassette)

3.  Knitted Shorts--these aren't your grandma's knitted christmas gifts! (unless your grandma is super cool)

4.  Gift Card to a Local Laundromat

One-Month Laundry Gift Card ($175)
Special Discount Gift Certificates
  • Covers One (1) Month worth of Hassle Free Laundry: Biweekly Service.
  • Ideal Gift for Students, Elderly Parents, Busy Wives, Loved Ones, and and Busy Professionals.
  • Covers Two Free Laundry Service Pick Ups + Two Free Deliveries in One Month.
  • Each Gift Card entitles the purchaser to fill One 24" X 36" Laundry Bag full of Laundry Items.
  • Weight not exceeding 25 pounds per Service PickUp & Delivery.
  • Additional Weight will be computed at $1.95 per pound.
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Purchaser has read and agrees to the Terms of Service. 

5. Camel Toe Tattoo

6.  Chocolate Sharks

Chocolate Cookies Cups (they can get their own milk)

8. A solar bra that can power your ipod. Support the environment and your breasts at the same time!

The bras also come equipped with plastic pouches that can be filled with water, or possibly egg nog

If you don't want to spend ANY money, do what I do--I give gifts in jars like this:

I like this one because I can take old Halloween candy and whatever else i have laying around, tie some string around it, put a cute little phrase or note on it, and I'm done.  Such as, a mason jar of jello that says, "Santa's Belly" or a cake recipe with ingredients that says "It's snowflaky!"

 You don't even have to put in actual food ingredients. One year I used sand and no one noticed because they never used it.  NOT My Problem!!

I hope you have found this helpful!  Have any tips? Send in your Christmas life hacks to TTT!

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