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Monday, May 18, 2015

Animal Hoarding Moves to a Dangerous New Level

Even though the term is 'crazy cat lady' animal hoarding isn't just reserved for women. There are plenty of men who hoard, THEY are just called collectors. 

Luckily, there is a toy that will not alienate either gender. Crazy Cat Lady figurines are dolls, but they are CALLED action figures.  You get one of these flea bitten beauties in her robe and slippers and SIX cat figures.  

Many crazy cat people across the globe have received these as gifts. Even given with the best of intentions as a subtle kind of intervention, it has created a NEW problem.  Feline fanatics have begun hoarding crazy cat lady cat figures!  When it was discovered that you could buy more cat figures sans the doll, cat statues flew off the shelves!

Granted this isn't as dangerous as collecting ACTUAL cats, but in houses with little space for human habitation, this is monumental.  

Some psychologists believed it might actually be therapeutic and pitched the idea of  adding litter boxes, fleas, and urine spray to the toy. They reasoned that buying the toys might quell the urge to acquire live animals. 

The opposite has happened. The toy allows hoarders to see it more as a fun game than a serious addiction.

So if you are considering buying this as a gift for someone, know that it is not as harmless as it appears. Consider something else cat related like  cat butt refrigerator magnets or a cat hammock.

 Here are links to the extra cat package. If you see this on their favorites list, they might have a problem.

If you or someone you know is suffering from compulsive toy cat collecting, please seek help at your nearest addictions center.

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  1. I wonder if that is a self portrait by the creator of the toy. Makes me wonder if I can capitalize on my "stay at home" look.

    1. good question. That isn't really what I picture a crazy cat lady looking like and I've known a LOT of them. A true hoarder action figure would be cool or how about an entire line of mental health dolls?

      The Stay-at-home look is very in. Comfort above all things


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