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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Are You in Good Shape? The Geometry of Fitness

Are you an hourglass, but what to be an oval? Are you a diamond, but want to be a rectangle? Or do you want to be a circle in front, but a pear in back?

Walking, carrying, lifting, pressing, caressing these different shapes in varying weights can help you sculpt your body into your desired form! 

 Whether you want to morph into another shape like this:


 or you'd rather be more WildeBeest and less Giraffe

If you feel your shape has become mishapen into the WRONG shape  like this:

You can take control and become a sculptor like Michelangelo with GeoShape Total Body Sculpting System !

 Our software will devise the perfect daily 2 hour GeoShape workout for your specific shape goals!

With our advanced GeoShape Vertex system, you could even turn yourself into this series of complex intersecting shapes like this: 

The possibilities are endless, not to mention senseless!!

Don't Delay--Become a New Shape Today!

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