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Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Word Hits Dictionary!!

Scientists struggled to come up with a name for the observed geological phenomenon of lava meeting the ocean.

After holding a contest in which the winner gets a 5 lb bag of lava rocks and a certificate, they struggled to narrow it down to these top 10 submissions:

1.  LICE  (Top Contender) --as in Lava plus icy ocean --
or LICEY  -sounds cute and has cartoon animation potential
2.  Burn in Hello
3. MoltenWave
4. Mr. HotCold
5. Trump's Anus
6. Firewater
6. Brimstone
6. Hellfire
7. WetBlanket
8. FireSurf
9. LavaSpa
10. Killwave

The committee had to be unanimous and were a vote away from making Phil Trapp III the winner with his "Lice" contest entry. 

The holdout convinced them that too much explanation was required and they didn't want anyone confusing the  U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with the CDC.

So, they finally chose a winner. The official name for lava meeting ocean is???


It was named after the wonderful man who brought them coffee and moist towelettes until 3am.

Congrats Jerome! You are now a force of nature!!

They even gave him a $25 gift card to Ace Hardware in lieu of the lava rocks he declined. 

The fame from his win gave him the courage to run for Janitor of the Year!!!
Vote for Jerome!!
(text "moist towelette" to 89779")

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