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Sunday, July 3, 2016

16 lbs of Kayke!

Phatt Kayke is an extremely average house cat. If you have ever felt like a loser that has no friends, then you need to support her!!

If she went to public school, she would be bullied! 

Don't let her be called fat, whale, tub-o-lard, lard ass, chubby, tubby, weeble wobble, or "you have such a pretty face" in this hypothetical hell high school situation!

 It is her birthday on July 5th and hardly anyone is coming to her party!!! 
( gifts required)

Her life is riveting! She didn't get to be 16lbs by laying around all day! Well, actually she did in between troughing, eating flies, marshmallows, and being so so. 

Phatt Kayke  might be plain and crabby, but she is still super cool!!! 

Please add her on facebook!

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